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Jam Jar 100ml Short Fill

Jam Jar 100ml Short Fill
Jam Jar 100ml Short Fill

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Berry Shortbread
Blackcurrant Jam
Grape Jam
Raspberry Jam
Raspberry Scone
Strawberry Jam

Raspberry Scone – A tantalising blend of sweet raspberries on a buttery cone base.

Strawberry Jam – A staple in grandma’s bakery, delicious homemade strawberry jam.

Blackcurrant Jam – Handpicked blackcurrants pressed to form a sweet flavoured jam.

Berry Shortbread – A rich shortbread taste with a hint of juicy berries.

Grape Jam – Fine grapes mixed with sugar for a smooth jammy & and tempting vape juice.

Raspberry Jam – A jam flavour made from the sweetest raspberries.

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