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Vape and E-Cig Accessories and Parts Supplier the UK

Vaping is not only about breathing the vapor in and out; therefore is also much more to it. There are a lot of things that make vaping an enjoyable activity. E-Cigarettes offer a huge variety of accessories and other parts that can be used for enhancing the activity of vaping. You can find all the premium and medium priced accessories on our website. We cater to all brands and therefore, house compatible accessories. If you fail to find a required accessory, you can also drop us a message, because customer satisfaction is our main agenda. We do also have variety of other vaping accessories like kits, e liquids, mods, RDA, tanks, coils, chargers, batteries and all top vaping brands.

Many people adopt vaping as a lifestyle, which means that they always want premium vape wholesale uk accessories to make their vaping experience even more pleasurable.

Accessories Brands we Offer

As we said, vaping is an activity that purely exists to give you pleasure and at the same time helps you in your transition from a cigarette smoker to a non-smoker. This is why it is important that Vaping should be done in the right way and with the right accessories. Failing to have the right accessories can lead to a bad experience, which even put you off vaping altogether. You need to ensure that you are using the the right kind of accessories to enjoy vaping the right way.

Not using the right accessories will not only lead to a mediocre vaping experience but might also affect your health. this was the case in the initial years of the release of the modern vape kits. Since the batteries were sub standard quality and people were ignoring the instructions that came with a vaping device, the result was catastrophic. Vape devices would explode, while the vaper was vaping. The injuries were severe and the FDA was prompted into action. Although later the actual cause was an overlooking of precautions on the vaper’s part, battery manufacturers were also ever more careful with their manufacturing with several quality checks.

The accessories featured on our website are from the following brands, AspireIJOYSmoktechVandy Vape and Vapor tech.  We offer all the possible necessary accessories to enhance your vaping experience. We also offer Rebuildable accessories for vaping so that you may have the experience that you love and not just the one that we can provide.

Types of Vaping Accessories

There is a huge variety of vaping accessories that are available on our website. You can find further details on each heading. We exist to make vaping a fun activity for you with all the accessories and to make it easier so your vaping needs are addressed with one single click. Some of the basic accessories that we offer are chargers, coils, batteries, and kits. But then these are just the basic accessories. We offer some more amazing additions that you can purchase at decent rates from our site and enjoy vaping!

Some example of the vaping accessories we offer are:

Drip Tip

This is one of the coolest accessories that you can purchase to vape like a boss! There is no need to break open your atomizer to fill it up with the e-Liquid. Instead, you can enjoy filling your Vaping device directly from the bottle. It is time-saving and a more efficient way to enhance your vaping experience. Moreover, it will provide you with the most amazing vaping experience with huge clouds and great flavor profile. It even adds to your style with the help of beautiful colored tips. You just cannot go without a drip tip as a modern vaper.


Cotton vaping? But you cannot purchase your cotton from just anywhere. Many people even wonder what using specially made cotton does for your vaping. Well, firstly, our cotton does not have a taste of its own. So when you do vape, you will only taste the flavor that you wanted and not the cotton. We provide the best cotton for vaping purposes. All you need to do is browse our website and find the purest of cotton that is free of chemicals, any form of natural oil or pesticides. It is resistant to heat and creates an amazing vaping experience for all vapers.

Battery case

The battery case is one of the most essential but not easily available accessory. We offer an amazing variety of battery cases that are customized according to the battery sizes that are available depending on the brands. We also offer battery silicon sleeves that can help you keep your battery safe. Storing your batteries in a battery case can make a huge difference. You see, if you place your batteries in direct sunlight, you will ruin the battery and its lifetime. So, it is always advised that you keep a battery case with you to keep your vaping experience healthy and long lasting.

The Vape Brush

This brush has hard bristles that allows you to clean your vaping accessories. The long marked stick of the brush also helps you make your coil according to the size that you want. It can also help in realigning of the coil. A very handy tool and well worth its cost. Keeping your device clean will do wonders for your vaping experience. A regularly cleaned vape kit is one that gives the best vaping experience. Moreover, cleaning your vape kit will also help you keep your coils from burning for longer as you continue to vape.

Airflow control ring

If you are looking to add an interesting touch to your vaping pen, then it is a must buy. It helps you regulate the air flow and enjoy vaping on your terms and also gives you huge dense clouds with amazing aroma so that you have the best vaping experience ever.

Uses of Vaping Accessories

The vaping accessories help in enhancing the vaping experience of a vaper. All you need to do to make your experience worthwhile is to purchase these accessories. The benefits are:

1. They help in enhancing your vaping experience and make sure that your vaping pen looks attractive and is fully functional.

2. They aid vaping and make it an enjoyable task.

3. You should be carrying extra batteries when you are vaping, and these safety pouches and cases help in ensuring your safety.

4. The various vaping accessories make vaping a much more organized task.

5. Accessories help in ensuring that you quit smoking and enjoy while vaping, which is not harmful.