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Age Policy

Warning!!!! This Web site deals with Vape and related products. You have to be of legal smoking, age according to the laws of your residency to buy products from us. Vapes contain addictive chemicals that can have negative effects on your body.

We do not sell products to minors and if we discover that you used illegal means, e.g., falsification of data to buy vape products from this website, we will take strict legal actions and will place you on the blacklist. Please be advised that registering on our site, placing an order or making use of any other feature of our website will be taken as user’s consent. When you place an order, we immediately start our age verification process. For this purpose, we require your identification card and credit card details. We do not share your personal information with anyone, and our verification process is carried out very carefully.

Our Age Verification Procedure:-

We carry out a comprehensive age verification process and make use of third-party services. If required, we might ask you to provide proof of your identification. Please note that the transaction needs to be carried out via credit card. Therefore, you should be of legal age according to the laws of your residency to be able to own a credit card and place your order here. In case the credit card verification is not enough to confirm your identity and age, we might ask you to provide us with a copy of your identification card. We will request that you send us a legible identification copy via email or any other means. If at any point we discover that you made use of false credentials, the products bought from us were resold to a minor or any other person. We will report you to your local authorities. It cannot be specified enough buying products using illegal means or selling them to a minor is punishable by law. If discovered we will take legal steps and ban you from the website.

Right to Refuse Service:-

We also have the right to cancel your order and refuse service if we find something suspicious about your or your credentials. If you have any questions or want further information, then please contact us at