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About Us

E-Cigarettes Wholesale is a trusted name in the UK Vape market. Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent service and the best products. We have conducted detailed research on the Vape market after which only top-notch products were added to our catalog. To us, our customers are like family and providing each member what they desire is our responsibility. We also have a team of highly capable, talented and experienced people available who are ready to answer your questions anytime. Want the best vape equipment, e-juices and service at competitive rates, then quickly place an order on our website and we will fulfill all your needs.

Vaping and Medical Community:-

Smoking is a common habit, found among millions of people. Some people smoke to relieve stress and because they have gotten used to its taste. However, this habit has severe health consequences such as increased risk of heart attack, cancer, seizures, and many other things. As a result, the research community introduced different healthy alternatives; this resulted in the creation of vapes. A study conducted revealed that 43 % of people use vapes to quit smoking, 17% prefer it because of the indoor tobacco ban. While the rest turned to vaping for the sake of their social image. The medical community has diverse opinions regarding the use of vapes. However, the majority agrees that Vaping is a much better and healthier option than smoking. Professor Riccardo Polosa, Dr. Konstantinos and Dr. Michael Siege are some of the top rated researchers and doctors that are currently researching the benefits of vaping. They are doing everything they possibly can to bring to light the positive effects of vapes.

Why us:-

At E-cigarettes UK we believe in providing products that will satisfy both our customers smoking needs and won’t have adverse effects on their health. When vaping was introduced in the U.K the supply was limited there were cities where products did not even reach. We wanted to create a store that will supply products to every corner of UK since then all of efforts and resources have been dedicated to building our ideal place. Need more reason to choose us? Here is what we offer:-

  • Excellent Service:-

At E-cigarettes UK providing our customers excellent service is our mission. We offer fast and on time delivery. Our customer service is always ready to help customers with their queries and resolves all their issues. A Customer's response is vital to us; we use their suggestions to improve our services.

  • Outstanding Quality:-

Making compromises on quality can result in the loss of a customer's trust and can have adverse effects on a person's health. That is why we go above and beyond to find the best quality products. Each product is selected after thoroughly investigating the manufacturer's reputation and reviews of the product. Once we are assured that the quality is up to mark, we add the product our catalog. At E-cigarettes we believe that our customers deserve only the best products in the market and providing them second hand or cheap products is disrespectful to them. It is not acceptable under any circumstance. We carry excellent quality atomizers, tanks, e-juices, coils, mods, and kits, etc.

  • Wide Variety:-

Different people have different preferences, so we have created a store that offers all types of vaping products. We keep an eye on the market to ensure that our customers get the latest products. Once a new item is launched it is quickly added to our catalog. At E-cigarettes UK we have a vast collection of vaping equipment and e-juices available please take a look at them.

Delicious E-juices:-

With Cigarettes, you can only experience the taste of tobacco, but vaping allows you to taste different e-juices. You have many choices and can taste test to find the most compatible e-juice. At E-Cigarettes UK we have gathered a wide variety of e-juices in one single location, i.e., our online store. You can find products from Souljar E-Liquid, The Drip Factory, Team 120 E-Liquid, CBD Fusion E-Liquid, Moreish Puff E-Liquids and many more.

All of our juices are of top-notch quality and are hand-picked. Mango is an incredibly juicy and delicious fruit which is found in the Middle East. They are available for a short period during the summer. However, Souljar Guerilla Mango brings you this delicious fruit in the form of a bottle. One hit from this e-liquid will result in you experiencing the authentic taste of mango anytime and anywhere. We also have many other flavors available such as Bubblegum, Kool-aid, Double Hookah, etc. Take a look at our website and find your ideal e-juice.

Kits and Mods:-

A second-hand Kit or Mod can end up affecting the taste of your e-juices. It can also result in you not being able to produce clouds. To help our customers find their ideal Mods and Kits we have collected products from various top-rated companies, i.e., Innokin, Tesla, Smoktech, Aspire, Sigelei, and many others.

Let's take a look at one of our products Innokin Endura T20 Vape Starter Kit. This is a Vape pen kit which has a smart design and is easy to use. It has high battery power and processes the e-juices quickly. Just press the button on this device and have fun vaping. This device is perfect for beginners as it allows them to get comfortable with vaping and the simple features make it easy to control. Love experimenting with technology, then try our digital or mechanical mods. We assure you that you won't be disappointed. You can find further information about our kits and mods at

Charger and Batteries:-

Your charger stopped working, and you are looking for a replacement, then place an order at We will help you find the most suitable one. Let's take a look at Nitecore D4 charger. This beautifully designed charger comes with four slots. As you know, there have been cases of Vape batteries short-circuiting in various parts of the world. This is why manufacturers provide clear cut guideline regarding the charging of Vapes. However, with this charger, you don't have to keep a constant eye on your battery because it automatically calculates and implement the most suitable options for battery charging. Furthermore, once the charging is complete the power supply to the battery is stopped, this prevents overcharging Place your batteries in the slot turn the charger on, and this device will take care of the rest. We also have many other chargers available on our website.

Vapes run on battery and depending on your choice the battery could supply either low or high power. You especially have to be careful of Suh Ohm tanks because they make use of high voltage to process E-juices. A battery is a small object but plays a vital role in vaping. Buying and using third class batteries can lead to severe repercussions. You can find high-quality batteries at E-cigarettes Wholesale UK.

Coils, Tanks, and RDAS/RTAS :-

Our Coils, Tanks and Rebuildable equipment are the best in the market. Coils and tanks are the core components responsible for the ignition of Vape. If they are not carefully made or are damaged, it can result in bodily harm or fire. This is why we buy products from top notch companies. We carefully check the products for any damages and once assured we ship them out.

In the past people used to make their coils and tanks themselves, which required a lot of effort and time, it was especially hard for a beginner. However, in the modern world, pre-made products can be found in Vape shops. All you have to do is follow the instruction, and you are good to go. Our coils come in different shapes and are made from different materials such as Steel, Titanium, Kanthal, etc.

We have different types of tanks available such as Sub ohm tanks and regular tanks. An example can be taken of the Aspire Nautilus Mini a small sized tank that comes with many benefits. It has a special airflow system which makes it easy for the user to control the amount of vapor produced and adjust the warmth. This little tank supplies a clear and pure taste of e-juice to its users. We have different rebuildable atomizers available as well. So, if you ever need excellent quality equipment, then visit And place your order, we add new products from time to time as well.