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Why is Diacetyl harmful? How do we prevent it?

Diacetyl, also known as DA, is a normally happening compound found in beer. It's additionally incorporated and utilized as an enhancing specialist in food items for its rich aroma and rich taste. The problem over it has to do with it being the possible offender of popcorn lung, a fatal and irreversible lung illness that is caused due to Diacetyl. Some claim that it is not that harmful, and it can be used in food and vaping as it has little side effects. Regardless of whether the dangers are minor in the examination, numerous vapers wish to smoke a Diacetyl free vape juice. When people started becoming aware of the harmful side of Diacetyl, they started questioning vape companies on it. All of them ended by claiming that all of their products are Diacetyl free. But it was not true, so they began questioning the authority and got all the E-cigarettes checked by them to ensure that all of them do not contain any element of Diacetyl. Smoking Diacetyl free E-cigarettes can be the safest option if one wants to enjoy the flavorings of E-liquids. Else, without flavorings is the ideal option.

Famous Diacetyl-free E-liquids offered by renowned brands

Here is a list of some of the best Diacetyl-Free E-liquids offered by the most trusted brands:

1. VaporFi Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream

This is arguably the top rated and the most popular brand available in the world. It’s associated with Cosmic Vapors that produce the best quality E-liquids. Their vaporing flavors are tested in an FDA registered lab to look after any possible flaws in the process. They use the latest and most advanced manufacturing equipment. Incredibly, their flavorings exceed the food grade required and are ideal for inhalation. Furthermore, it has a detailed list of all the ingredients used in the flavors and provides a very soft and mild throat impact. It is probably the most demanded Diacetyl free E-liquid.

2. Old Fashioned R & R by Motley Brew

As the motto of the company Motley Brew suggests, “the company that rock your vaping experience”. The company individuals look forward to providing the E-liquids that the customers went and hence very closely monitor the entire process to assure safety. Motley Brew, being fed up of all the double standard E-liquids produced by other companies set aside its company by creating freshly extracted and high-quality E-liquids that gave them an edge over their competitors. As its vape experience is both perfect for new and old vaporers, it strongly ensures that there is no Diacetyl added in the flavorings.

3. FAR Grape by Vape Element

Vape Element in pursuit of getting ahead of its customers and gaining the advantage in the competition outsourced its other components of flavoring from well reputed and notable companies in the industry. This not only reduced the load of their shoulders but helped it achieve a wide variety of customers. All of its elements are made in U.S.A and are certified by the authority. FAR Grape Vape provides a mild to the solid flavor that is not too overpowering for the consumers liking. Vapers love the Diacetyl-free Grape Vape as it gives a natural grape taste that is pleasant to the customers.

4. Ripe Vapes Pear Almond E-Liquid

Ripe Vapes is a very renowned brand in the world that promotes itself using, “more like a wine tasting experience that a pop culture fad”. It has the massive share in the market bagging numerous awards in recent years. The company is very honored and delighted to obtain the highest quality E-liquids from reliable sources and producing Diacetyl-free E-liquids. The unique taste of pear almonds gives an ideal vaping exposure to the new vaporers. The lab tests that ensure there is no Diacetyl involved in the flavorings are available online on different websites.

5. Remixed Sampler Pack by Motley Brew

Motley Brew, as discussed earlier is a renowned brand that produces amazing E-liquids free from the toxic Diacetyls. It also offers this affordable and economical Remixed Sampler Pack that is perfect for starters. Vaper love this flavor as it offers the sweet aroma of cake and the delicious red apple flavor at the same time. Another pastry flavor that includes the flavor of vanilla alongside a hint of blueberry and lime making it a balanced blend of all the flavors that the vape users love. Bubble Pop, another flavor involves the incredible taste of strawberries and watermelon that no other brand offers.