No matter how you smoke it, smoking is harmful and dangerous for your health. Replacing your cigarette with cigars, hookah, the pipe won't help you avoid health risks. Smoking cigarettes have major side effects that don't just affect your lungs but also harms your entire body organs. There is no safe way to smoke. NO matter how much amount you inhale, it would affect your health and ultimately death.

Cigarette Smoking with the presence of nicotine and tar causes periodontal health, tooth loss and many types of cancer including lung, mouth, and esophagus. Heart diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Some of major of smoking causes and effects are mentioned below: 

1- Smoking, Inflammation and Lungs Cancer

Your lungs can be very severely affected by smoking as coughs, wheezing, and asthma is just the start. Smoking can cause fatal diseases like pneumonia and emphysema. Smoking cigarettes affects lung health because a person inhaling it not only take nicotine but also a large number of additional chemicals.

Cigarettes are primarily responsible for increasing the substantial risk of  LUNG CANCER. When you inhale cigarette smoke, which is full of cancer-causing substances called carcinogens, changes in the lung tissue, start immediately. Healthy cells begin to damage, but at first, your body can repair this damage, but over time, the loss causes cells to act abnormally, and eventually, cancer may develop.

2- Heart Diseases, life-threatening:

 Smoking damages your heart dreadfully increasing the risk of conditions like heart attack, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. Smoking damages your entire cardiovascular system. Nicotine present in it also tightens your blood vessels, which restricts the flow of blood. This narrowing of the blood vessel causes Peripheral Artery Disease.

3- Respiratory System in danger zone:

Along with increased infection due to smoking, people who smoke are at high risk of developing respiratory diseases. Respiratory system effects as irritation if trachea (windpipe) and larynx (voice box).

Smoking also causes less breathing due to swelling and narrowing of the lung airways. It also occurs due to the presence of mucus in lung passage. The most dreadful and alarming effect of smoking on the respiratory system is the permanent damage of air sacs. Destruction of air sacs affects respiratory tract majorly, which can ultimately cause death.

4- Circulation:

When you smoke, the carcinogens enter your blood that makes it thicker. This thickness cause constriction in blood vessels and increases the chance of clot formation. Smoking affects your arteries, reducing the amount of oxygen supplied in all organs. It also reduces blood flow to extremities organ (fingers and toes). The clot formation and narrowing of arteries can cause severe heart attack and stroke. 

5- Immune System:

Smoking cigarettes can weaken the Immune System that makes you more susceptible to illness. The chemicals present in cigarettes are highly carcinogenic. Immune System cannot keep up with all damages caused by smoke. Once it is weekend, it may not be able to fight against any diseases. If your immune System is Superman, then smoking is Shazam. You may have more susceptibility to infections such as pneumonia and emphysema when resistant is not active.

6- Effect on Bones:

Smoking affects every organ of your body, including bones. Smoking reduces the blood supply to the bones, and ultimately nicotine present in cigarettes reduces the production of bone-producing cells called osteoblasts. Smoking reduces the absorption of calcium in the blood, causing weakening of bones. Osteoporosis makes bones brittle, and due to this risk of bone fractures become high.

7- Skin - Early aging issues?

Smoking affects the skin harshly. It can cause disastrous effects, including early aging, facial wrinkles. Tobacco smoke has unpleasant effects like temporary yellowing of fingers and discolored teeth, baggy eyelids, and slack jawline. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide and nicotine which displaces oxygen in your skin and reduces blood flow, leaving skin dry and rough. 

8- Brain in danger:

Nicotine present in cigarettes can kill brain cells and stop developing new ones. Smoking can also increase the rate of stroke for more about 50%, which can cause brain damage and death. And by smoking, you double the rate of your death. Cigarette smoking can also cause brain hemorrhage, which is also a dangerous form of brain damage.

9- Bad oral hygiene:

Smoking also affects the oral cavity severely. One of the effects of smoking is staining and yellowing of teeth due to nicotine and tar present in tobacco. Smoking can also lead to gum diseases. People who smoke are more likely to have bacterial plaque Due to the shortage of oxygen in the blood; these gums don't heal. One of the most critical effects of smoking is mouth cancer, and many people don't know about this. Almost every year, thousands of people died due to mouth cancer brought on by cancer.

10- Eye Diseases:

Smoking has always been known as the cause of cancer, but it can harm eyes too. It can lead to vision loss. Smokers have twice the risk of developing cataracts as compared to non-smokers. Cataracts occur when eyes real lens gets cloudy over time, and this causes blurry vision

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