Vaping might give you an effortless and delightful experience, but sometimes things could get wrong as well, especially when you are new to vaping. You may be facing many problems such as leaking vape juices, burnt vape taste, less production of smoke, or less amount of nicotine. Well, you are not alone in facing such a vaping problem, and you will be pleased to know that all such issues have solutions too. Hence here we will discuss those common problems and their solutions which people usually face who are new to vaping. Here we go with the five common issues and their solution you face when you start vaping. 

5 Common Vape Problems and Solutions:

Every vaper does not come across the same problems which have been faced by the other one. But collectively, all of the problems have the same roots, and fortunately, problems come with solutions as well. Here is a brief list of five common problems you face when you start vaping along with the solution at the end. 


As vape is an electronic cigarette, so sometimes there can be a risk of overheating. While vaping, you may observe that your device is getting warmer, and this happened due to several reasons. You might be

  • Vaping for a prolonged period
  • Chain vaping 

  • Vaping while charging your device 

  • Vaping in hot weather 

Sometimes newcomers often press the power button for a more extended period than required, which is also the reason for overheated vape. You should be aware of the fact that vaping with the overheated device can cause health and safety hazards. 



If you are observing that your vape is producing more heat than usual, then the best action is to have it thoroughly checked by a professional. In case you are a novel vaper, you should first take proper knowledge about vaping and then decide what you should do now. But in the case of holding the power button for an extended period, it is recommended to avoid pushing the button longer than five seconds. 


Those who are new to vaping have faced this problem a lot. Having burned taste while vaping does not give an exciting experience to vapers. Along with expertise, heating e-liquid could also damage your device and cause the coil to wear down much quicker. 


Keep the wattage and voltage of your device’s battery down when possible. Make sure that your e-liquid is filled because the burning taste is also caused if enough amount of e-liquid is not present in the tank. 

Leakage of vape e-liquid

Leakage of vape e-liquid could be due to several reasons. The simplest one is that you may fill the tank too much, and now it is overflowing. Loose coil ends or atomizer head could be another reason for liquid leakage. 


On priority, fill your tank as per the requirements. If your coil or atomizer is leaking, then change them immediately. But if both of them are correct, then you might be vaping in the wrong way. Ensure that you keep your device horizontal while vaping and coil and atomizer head are tightly screwed on the base. 


Production of less smoke is connected with the amount of PG/VG ratio used in e-liquid. If you are using less ratio e-liquid, you will automatically get less smoke production, and if you use a strong PG/VG ratio, your device will automatically produce denser clouds. 


For avoiding such a problem, you must use the strong vaping device with a strong PG/VG ratio. But you should opt for this scenario only if you love to produce denser clouds. Otherwise, you should feel great with the particular amount of PG/VG ratio. 


Electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine slower than cigarettes, which makes vape less effective than smoking, but it is not the final verdict as it depends on how you use it. In e-cigarettes, the nicotine level is kept either low or completely nicotine free. But the problem here is a low level of nicotine, which may be due to the reason that you are using your device in the wrong way. People who are new to e-cigarettes do not use vape correctly, which is the primary reason for getting low nicotine levels. On the other side, your vaping device might be weak.


The simplest thing you can do is increase the amount of nicotine in your vape according to your needs. If you are new to vaping, first, you must know about the usage of vape as it makes a great difference. In the end, the device you are using matters a lot in this regard. Use a strong vaping device that will give you a proper nicotine hit.  


A clogged vape pen is caused by the liquid buildup, which is needed to be changed regularly. There can be several other reasons too which are as follows

  • Spitting liquid

  • Over-filling

  • The device is not used for too long

  • The temperature in which device has been placed which can change the consistency of the liquid


Keep your device clean. Cleaning your vape device will make it clogged free, and almost all other issues will also resolve from this. You must clean your vape pen, tank, and all other important parts which play an important role in vaping. 

Vaping has become popular among the market, and like any other habit, vaping can also become an addiction. Excess use of anything could result in a negative health impact. Vaping is somehow better than cigarettes because of the manageable amount of nicotine, but it entirely depends on the usage of vape. If it is used for a higher nicotine intake, then it would be more harmful than cigarettes.