Vaping has been presented as an alternative to smoking. Medically it has not only been proved as a salvation for people choosing to quit smoking but it also comes as an alternate that has no side effects. When the vapers claim that vaping does not have any side effect than you need to be rest assured, their claim is backed by research from Royal College, where their report says that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

Looking at the growing trend we can safely say that there will be many more accessories and other gadgets related to vaping to be launched soon. Some of the brands have already established themselves as premium brands and therefore they prove as a pricier option if you are looking for vape pens or other accessories. When it comes to buying equipment's and accessories related to vaping make sure that you buy the ones with a repute. Buying from lesser known brands that do not offer any safety assurance is a big fault and it can turn out to be pretty harmful as well. Buying from known brands gives you the warranty that there will be no mishaps.

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Expensive Vape Mods

As vaping is gaining momentum, so are the already established brands. They are selling high quality vaping mods that have no comparison quality wise are also super expensive. Some of the most expensive vaping mods are:

ProVape's ProVari

It was released in 2010 and its design and quality has been improved to a great extent since its release. Though there are many other vape mods that are of better quality. But the design and ease of use still makes it one of the most popular vape brands. It is reliable and the safe. The newer models, come with LED screens and variable voltages. Its price varies from 150$ to 200$, depending on the model and the design selected.

Vapor Flask

It is a famous E-cigarette brand that offers unique style feature along with usability and durability. It is very easy to carry around and can be use as well. The perfect ergonomic features make it a stylish yet easy to use vape mod. It requires a total of two 18650 batteries, with an output equivalent to 40W. It has aluminum body and offers a minimum resistance. The cost of a Vapor Flask mod is around 160$, and since it is a much sought after brand many sellers do not have it in stock.

Glas Ti by Glas Vapor

The Glas Ti is one of the high end vape mods, that are perfectly designed for avid vapers. People who are genuinely into vaping enjoy this brand. The vape mod is made of Titanium and is of high quality. The internal mechanisms are also safe and built with perfection. The button on the vape mod are all sapphire crystal buttons, with the internal parts with silver-rhodium coated metals. It costs around $375.

Nemesis by Atmomixani

It is a popular vape mod and comes in different sizes. It has the following features:

  • Brass contacts.
  • Bottom firing switch
  • Airflow control ring
  • Insulators

Its cost is between $144-155$ , depending on the size and kind of vape mod that you have purchased.

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