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Doozy Mix Salts 10ml

Doozy Mix Salts 10ml
Doozy Mix Salts 10ml
Doozy Mix Salts 10ml
Doozy Mix Salts 10ml
Doozy Mix Salts 10ml

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Doozy Mix Salts FlavoursPriceOrder Qty
Bubblegum 5mg
Bubblegum 10mg
Bubblegum 20mg Restocking Soon
Cream Tobacco 5mg Restocking Soon
Cream Tobacco 10mg
Cream Tobacco 20mg Restocking Soon
Gummy Bear 5mg
Gummy Bear 10mg Restocking Soon
Gummy Bear 20mg
Mixed Berries 5mg
Mixed Berries 10mg
Mixed Berries 20mg
Pink Lemonade 5mg Restocking Soon
Pink Lemonade 10mg
Pink Lemonade 20mg
Sour Blue Raspberry Apple 5mg
Sour Blue Raspberry Apple 10mg
Sour Blue Raspberry Apple 20mg

Sour Blue Raspberry Apple - A Mix of Juicy Red and Blue Raspberries with a Sour Apple Twist. The Taste of Sweet Berries and the Sour Apple is a tantalising combination.

Mixed Berries - A concoction of Tangy Berries and Sweet Grape with a slightly sour edge. A real treat for all Berry lovers. 

Gummy Bear - We all Love the Yummy Green and Yellow Bears. We couldn’t resist mixing the Candy Apple and Mixed Fruits to form this amazing flavour.

Bubblegum - There’s only one Pink Bubbly that comes to mind. The distinct Bubbly Flavour takes you back to the Tuck Shop days. A True All Time Classic.

Cream Tobacco - A Smooth Creamy Tobacco Blend, with a Sweet edge making this Exquisite Flavour hard to resist.

Pink Lemonade - An amazing burst of Fizzy Lemon with a Sweet Centre and a dash of Tangy Grapefruit. This Citrus Concoction is amazing!

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