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Dr Vapes Gems 100ml

Dr Vapes Gems 100ml
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Dr Vapes Gems 100ml

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Topaz- Magic Mango - Bringing a taste of tropical islands to your tastebuds with this magically ripe mango blend that offers a sweet inhale and refreshingly exotic exhale. This delectable blend of sweet and smooth perfectly captures the fruit’s creamy essence- guaranteed to leave you dreaming of beachside chilling.


Emerald- Lemon and lime Ice - A remake of a truly classic combo, this citrusy medley of fresh, zesty lemon and lime with an extra icy chill create the ultimate refreshing vape. Reminiscent of a sweet, yet tangy ice-lolly, this exhilarating blend will freshen you up with a blast of crisp and clean flavour. 


Ruby- Super Strawberry - A festival of ripe, juicy strawberries lovingly handpicked for their succulent, sweet flesh and crammed into a bottle for your vaping pleasure. It’s beautifully candy-like with a slight tartness, leaving you so thirsty for more you’ll want to drink the stuff

Opal- Cherry - A distinctly fruity classic cherry flavour made with the ripest Rainier cherries. Like glowing gems, we picked them when just right to give you the juiciest, candy-like cherry flavour you’ll crave all day long.

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