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Dr Vapes Panther Desserts 100ml

Dr Vapes Panther Desserts 100ml
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Dr Vapes Panther Desserts 100ml

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Black Custard - We've extracted the vanilla custard element from our Black Panther flavour to give you the créme de la créme of dessert flavours. This deliciously creamy custard has just the right amount sweetness without being sickly- guaranteed to keep you reaching for more.


Lotus Cheesecake- Calling all caramelised biscuit lovers! Sweet, fluffy cream cheese meets a

deliciously toasted caramel biscuit base, topped with drizzled cookie butter. There's no spoon

required, making this the perfect go-to dessert!


Unicorn Milk- This delicious strawberry milk flavour will take you right back to your younger

years, only now you'll be puffing thick marshmallow clouds of it instead of slurping it through a

straw! The combination of sweet strawberry and fresh, cold milk makes this light enough for an all

day vape.

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