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ELFLIQ NIC Salt 10ml

ELFLIQ NIC Salt 10ml
ELFLIQ NIC Salt 10ml
ELFLIQ NIC Salt 10ml
ELFLIQ NIC Salt 10ml
ELFLIQ NIC Salt 10ml
ELFLIQ NIC Salt 10ml
ELFLIQ NIC Salt 10ml

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ELFLIQ Salt FlavoursPriceOrder Qty
Apple Peach 10mg Restocking Soon
Apple Peach 20mg
Blue Razz Lemonade 10mg Restocking Soon
Blue Razz Lemonade 20mg Restocking Soon
Blueberry 10mg Restocking Soon
Blueberry 20mg Restocking Soon
Blueberry Sour Raspberry 10mg Restocking Soon
Blueberry Sour Raspberry 20mg Restocking Soon
Cherry Cola 10mg Restocking Soon
Cherry Cola 20mg
Cherry 10mg
Cherry 20mg Restocking Soon
Cola 10mg Restocking Soon
Cola 20mg Restocking Soon
Cotton Candy Ice 10mg Restocking Soon
Cotton Candy Ice 20mg
Cream Tobacco 10mg
Cream Tobacco 20mg
Elfbull Ice 10mg Restocking Soon
Elfbull Ice 20mg Restocking Soon
Grape 10mg
Grape 20mg
Kiwi Passionfruit Guava 10mg
Kiwi Passionfruit Guava 20mg
Mango 10mg Restocking Soon
Mango 20mg
Peach Ice 10mg Restocking Soon
Peach Ice 20mg Restocking Soon
Pink Grapefruit 10mg Restocking Soon
Pink Grapefruit 20mg Restocking Soon
Pink Lemonade 10mg Restocking Soon
Pink Lemonade 20mg
Spearmint 10mg Restocking Soon
Spearmint 20mg Restocking Soon
Strawberry Ice Cream 10mg
Strawberry Ice Cream 20mg
Strawberry Ice 10mg Restocking Soon
Strawberry Ice 20mg
Strawberry Kiwi 10mg Restocking Soon
Strawberry Kiwi 20mg Restocking Soon
Watermelon 10mg Restocking Soon
Watermelon 20mg Restocking Soon
NEW Blackcurrant Aniseed 10mg
NEW Blackcurrant Aniseed 20mg Restocking Soon
NEW Pina Colada 10mg
NEW Pina Colada 20mg
NEW Pineapple Mango Orange 10mg
NEW Pineapple Mango Orange 20mg Restocking Soon
NEW Rhubarb Snoow 10mg
NEW Rhubarb Snoow 20mg
NEW Sour Apple 10mg Restocking Soon
NEW Sour Apple 20mg
New Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice 10mg Restocking Soon
New Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice 20mg Restocking Soon

Apple Peach - Your taste buds will be in heaven with this combination of sweet, ripe apples and juicy peaches. With just the right amount of sweetness, you'll want to vape the Apple Peach ELFLIQ all day long.

Blue Razz Lemonade - The Blue Razz Lemonade ELFLIQ is a delectable mix of blue raspberry and lemonade to create a mouth-watering and juicy flavour.

Blueberry - Blueberry ELFLIQ has a sweet, tangy taste that is perfect for any season. The refreshing berry flavour will delight your taste buds, and the smooth throat hit will leave you wanting more.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry - The Blueberry Sour Raspberry ELFLIQ features fresh, ripe blueberries combined with tangy raspberries to create a delicious flavour. Every inhale is sweet and fruity, while the exhale is slightly tart and sweet.


Cherry Cola

Cola This Cola ELFLIQ is a nod to one of the most classic sodas out there! This distilled mix has concentrated the sweet taste of refreshing cola we all know and love for a vape that’s truly as traditional as it gets. A truly thirst-quenching flavour that blends up some vanilla and cinnamon, with hints of citrus. It’s an everlasting sign of good taste that should not be missed!

Cotton Candy Ice - `The Cotton Candy Ice ELFLIQ is sweet yet refreshing. The sweetness of the cotton candy isn't overpowering, and the menthol adds a hint of coolness to the flavour that makes it perfect for vaping all day long.

Cream Tobacco - The Cream Tobacco ELFLIQ is a tobacco flavour with a sweet cream base. The tobacco flavour is bold and flavourful, while the cream gives it a smooth finish. It's the perfect tobacco flavour for anyone who wants to enjoy the classic taste of tobacco without any bitterness.

Elfbull Ice - The Elfbull Ice ELFLIQ provides an explosion of flavour with a powerful punch of energy drink and sweet mixed berries. This e-liquid will make a delicious and invigorating vape at any time of the day.

Grape - This Grape ElfLiq has a decadently developed grape taste with a super juicy body. The sweet taste of purple grapes is present on the inhale, which is then rounded off by a lightly icy cool finish. It’s a classic fruit flavour that’s wonderful to vape in a warmer climate. Awesome all-day vape you can take anywhere!

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava - Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava ElfLiq is an amazing blend of three delicious and exotic fruits. Guava, kiwi, and passionfruit come together to create a vape juice like no other for a tropical eruption with every exhale. With the smoothest of throat hits, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava ElfLiq will leave you feeling satisfied after each puff. But don't take our word for it - try it for yourself and see!


Peach Ice - This Peach Ice ElfLiq is a fresh peach blend for those who love a bubbly balanced vape. This mixture has all the juiciness you’d get from a ripe peach, which is then rounded off by some cool aniseed for a well-balanced vape that’s delicious from your first taste until your last.

Pink Grapefruit - The Pink Grapefruit ELFLIQ is the perfect balance of tangy and sweet. The aroma is unmistakable, and the taste is delicious. If you're looking for a flavour that will remind you of a relaxing morning at the beach, this is the one for you.

Pink Lemonade - Try the Pink Lemonade ELFLIQ and experience a sweet, tangy vape that will transport you to paradise. The inhale is a mouthful of tart lemonade with a hint of sweetness, while the exhale is a burst of sweet, juicy berries. With a smooth and satisfying throat hit, this will be your new favourite e-juice.

Spearmint - Mint lovers, rejoice! The Spearmint ELFLIQ will satisfy your craving for a fresh, cool taste. Its spearmint flavour is true to the name, with a cool and refreshing feel. Your mouth will be left feeling fresh and your taste buds wanting more.

Strawberry Ice Cream - This Strawberry Ice Cream ELFLIQ is a refreshingly silky fruit vape that’s the ultimate sweet treat for those summer days! The delicious taste of strawberry mixes with smooth ice cream for a flavour profile that can be vaped to no end!

Strawberry Ice - This Strawberry Ice ELFLIQ is a refreshingly fruity flavour that’s guaranteed to chill you out when things start to heat up! Some pleasantly sweet strawberries are mixed up here with a little ice for a finish that’s sure to keep you cool. Berry special taste that’s a sure-fire competitor for your permanent rotation!

Strawberry Kiwi - This Strawberry Kiwi ELFLIQ is a sweet blend of juicy strawberries and refreshing Kiwi. On the first inhale you’ll get some tangy citrus notes of the zesty kiwi and the pleasantly delicate taste of luscious strawberries. A well-balanced flavour profile that you can vape all day long.

Watermelon - The Watermelon ELFLIQ is packed with refreshing, juicy and sweet flavours to create a smooth and delicious vaping experience. If you are looking for an appetising e-juice that will transport you to a tropical island, this is the flavour for you.

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