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IVG 6000 Salt 10ml

IVG 6000 Salt 10ml
IVG 6000 Salt 10ml

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IVG Salt 6000 FlavoursPriceOrder Qty
Arctic Apple 10mg
Arctic Apple 20mg
Berrylicious Blast 10mg
Berrylicious Blast 20mg
Blue Frost 10mg
Blue Frost 20mg
Bubblegum Berry Wave 10mg
Bubblegum Berry Wave 20mg
Cherry Chew 10mg Restocking Soon
Cherry Chew 20mg
Lemon Peach Crush 10mg
Lemon Peach Crush 20mg Restocking Soon
Pink Pop 10mg
Pink Pop 20mg
Raspberry Peach Bliss 10mg
Raspberry Peach Bliss 20mg Restocking Soon
Sourberry Fusion 10mg
Sourberry Fusion 20mg Restocking Soon
Strawberry Raspberry Crush 10mg
Strawberry Raspberry Crush 20mg Restocking Soon

A refreshing blend capturing the crisp and sweet essence of red apple with a cooling finish. Offering a satisfying and invigorating vaping sensation with every exhale.

Berrylicious Blast, a flavourful fusion of aromatic blueberries, ripe cherries and bitter cranberries. Experience the bold mix of fruity delights that invigorate your taste buds with each puff.

Blue Frost captures the nostalgic essence of the classic blue slush flavour, offering a trip down memory lane with every vape, complemented by a cooling exhale that delivers a satisfyingly icy sensation. Experience nostalgia with a frosty twist.

Bubblegum Berry Wave is a delightful fusion of refreshing strawberry and watermelon flavours complemented by a sweet bubblegum undertone. It is a treat for your palate, crafting a satisfying vaping experience that captures the essence of fruity sweetness in every inhale.

Cherry Chew e-liquid, a tantalizing blend of cherries with a fizzy twist. Experience the luscious sweetness of sun-ripened cherries paired with a playful fizz, creating a rich and vibrant vaping sensation.

Lemon Peach Crush is a tantalizing blend of exotic passionfruit and sweet peach infused with a zesty lemon tartness. This fusion delivers a vibrant burst of flavours, crafting a uniquely refreshing vaping experience.

Pink Pop is a tantalizing blend featuring the sweet tang of pink grapefruit fused with zesty lemonade. Experience a refreshing twist with a cool touch, creating a delightful vaping sensation. Indulge in the perfect balance of citrusy sweetness and icy coolness in every exhilarating puff.

Raspberry Peach Bliss offers a symphony of taste in every puff. Experience the aromatic allure of sumptuous peach entwined with the sweetness of raspberries. This blend promises a mouthful of blissful flavour.

Sourberry Fusion, a refreshing mix of sweet blueberry and a tangy raspberry with sour kick. Delight your senses with the perfect balance of sweet and sour notes in every exhilarating puff.

Indulge in the essence of summer with Strawberry Raspberry Crush e-liquid. Ripe strawberries and fresh raspberries unite in this vibrant blend creating the ultimate fruity medley for a satisfying vape.

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