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Ultimate Salts Custard 10ml

Ultimate Salts Custard 10ml
Ultimate Salts Custard 10ml

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Ultimate Salts Custard FlavoursPriceOrder Qty
Apple Strudel 10mg
Apple Strudel 20mg Restocking Soon
Boston Cream 10mg
Boston Cream 20mg Restocking Soon
Maple Syrup 10mg Restocking Soon
Maple Syrup 20mg Restocking Soon
Purple 10mg Restocking Soon
Purple 20mg Restocking Soon
Raspberry Jam 10mg Restocking Soon
Raspberry Jam 20mg Restocking Soon
Whipped Vanilla 10mg
Whipped Vanilla 20mg

APPLE STRUDEL - Caramelised apple strudel, perfectly blended with vanilla custard finished with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

BOSTON CREAM - Banging Boston cream perfectly blended with vanilla custard for a creamy sweet flavour

MAPLE SYRUP - Sweet maple syrup infused with vanilla custard leaving a deliciously syrupy taste.

PURPLE - A crazy mix of grape, bubblegum and custard, creating an unbelievable all day vape.

RASPBERRY JAM - Lush Raspberry jam merged with a creamy custard. scrumptiously sweet & sugary goodness.

WHIPPED VANILLA - Classic vanilla custard whipped to perfection to form a fresh milky vape full of flavour.

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