Maybe you could not trace the exact lineage of cigarettes, but it would not be wrong to assume that it has been centuries that cigarettes have existed. After all, the habit of smoking dates as far back as 5000 BC. However, modern times have introduced innovations that have made smoking more and more interesting. These modern innovations have often aimed to allow some elasticity to the habit of smoking. Even if this elasticity came in the form of some new cigarettes or variants that allowed better nicotine hits and flavors.

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What Innovation:

This is what led to the invention of new variants of cigarettes such as cigars or even nicotine free cigarettes. However, when manufacturers tried too hard at this innovation, they often created something which was so different from cigarettes that you could not even classify them as cigarettes. This posed a great problem because even people who wanted some innovations in cigarettes were not willing to give up the real essence of smoking for it.

So, manufacturers eventually gave up trying to introduce something new after all. However, people who had realized the need for a better alternative to smoking were determined and did eventually produce the world’s first e cigarettes, and later vapes. Since the technology was aimed at taking down cigarettes, there was no problem if it did not have the real essence of cigarettes.

The Costs:

Now, vapes have succeeded in establishing a huge consumer base for themselves and the aim of taking down cigarettes has been partially achieved. But the question that now arises is why was there a need to replace cigarettes with a supposedly “better” alternative? The answer lies in the costs of the commodity. When I say costs, I do not just mean the monetary value, although those too are a significant reason, but all the costs that may be associated with cigarettes.

Since vapes are the main alternative, we will consider the costs of cigarettes in contrast to those of vaping. Here are some important points:


The most important factor when it comes to nicotine inhalation devices is health. Cigarettes are known to cause several life-threatening diseases; diseases that do not yet have cures. This is owing mostly to the fact that cigarettes contain tar, a crude black liquid like substance that contains numerous chemicals known to be hazardous to health. In addition to this, there are several other chemicals that have not even been identified.

Not only this, upon lighting a cigarette, there are several other chemicals that are produced. What is even more disturbing is that these chemicals not only harm the smoker but also people around the smoker that inhale the smoke coming from the cigarette.


Although you might feel that vapes are expensive with their luxurious e liquids and highly priced vape kits, the truth is very different. The truth is that the prices of these commodities, when spread over their useful life, are cheaper than cigarettes. This may be surprising but cigarettes might seem relatively cheaper but they are more expensive than vapes in the long run.

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